Contract Address: 0x2254846a9037CB97a683Bd6250d8591630fe4A7C

Contract Address: 0x2254846a9037CB97a683Bd6250d8591630fe4A7C

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Copy the UltimateDoge Contract Address Below, then Click on the PancakeSwap Button.Contract Address: 0x2254846a9037CB97a683Bd6250d8591630fe4A7C

Why UltimateDoge?

Launching in July 2022, UltimateDoge coin aims to have the best community in crypto memes. UltimateDoge is on a mission to bring crypto to the average person while educating in self sustainability and making positive impacts to climate change.
UltimateDoge is built on Binance Smart Chain which offers fast 5-second block chain times and cheaper gas fees than Ethereum.
UltimateDoge coin wants to impress his meme father by continuing to provide support to dog charities and also provide support to charities that help educate in self sustainability and charities aiming to make a positive impact on climate change.
UltimateDoge is deflationary that gives static reflections to reward holders.

  • UltimateDoge is both Doxxed and Audited.


Ultimate Tokenomics

Total Supply: 420 Trillion | Initial Burn: 126 Trillion | Circulating Supply: 294 Trillion


Powered by the Community: UltimateDoge will be powered by its diverse community and aims to embrace community members perspectives to create the best community in the crypto space. UltimateDoge has a do-good mission of helping to educate people into becoming self sustaining and making a positive impact on climate change. UltimateDoge can never forget his brothers and sisters and will help save dogs in need. Our Core Values are below.

  • Transparency | UltimateDoge encourages open communication within the community.

  • Community | UltimateDoge believes in diversity & strives to include everyone from around the globe.

  • Longevity | UltimateDoge is here for the long haul and aims to bring real use cases to the ecosystem.

Instant Rewards | Every transaction in ultimate doge will distribute a 5% fee to existing holders. Which means just by holding onto ultimate doge you’ll earn more ultimate Doge in your wallet.

Locked LP | Initial liquidity will be locked additionally 5 % of all transaction fees will be added to our liquidity.

UltimateDoge Protocol

UltimateDoge has 3 Functions: Reflection | LP Acquisition | Burn in Every Trade

10% Transactions

All UltimateDoge Transactions will have a 10% tax. See the split ->

5% to Holders

This Tax is Distributed to all Existing UltimateDoge Holders.

5% to Liquidity

This Tax is Sold by the Contract to purchase BNB to Automatically Create LP on PancakeSwap.

30% Supply Burn

30% of the 5% redistribution are burned with every transaction, making UltimateDoge deflationary.



Phase 1

Website launch
Meme Development
UltimateDoge is Born
Private/Public Fair Launch
5000 Telegram Members 


Phase 2

Reflections Tracker
Development of NFT Collection
Third Party Audit
Donation for Community
+ Charity Partnership


Phase 3

Listing on CMCCoinGecko
Large Influencer Marketing Push
50,000 Telegram Members
NFT Staking


Phase 4

Developed UltimateDoge Self Sustainability
Bridge to Other Chains
100,000 Holders
100,000 Telegram Members


Phase 5

Develop Play to Earn
CEX Listings
Giveaway to the Community


Steven RutherfordProject Owner